Booster vaccinations: information for clinically vulnerable people

Use this page to learn about COVID-19 booster vaccinations for people who are clinically vulnerable.

The below information is also available as a one-page graphic to display in your community setting.

Who is eligible for a booster vaccination?

You are eligible to receive a booster vaccination if you are aged 5 years or over and are clinically vulnerable.

You are also eligible if you are aged 5 years and above and are a household contact of a clinically vulnerable person.

When should I get vaccinated?

If you are clinically vulnerable, you can have your seasonal COVID-19 booster vaccination 91 days after your previous jab.

If you are a household contact of a clinically vulnerable person, please ensure that you receive your booster before the end of February 2023.

Where will I receive my vaccination?

You could choose to be vaccinated at:

  • your GP surgery
  • a community pharmacy
  • a or walk-in clinic

Your GP may also contact you about vaccinating you in your own home if you are eligible.

How can I arrange to have my vaccination?

To book your appointment, please:

  • use the NHS App, which you can download from most app platforms
  • contact your GP
  • call the Suffolk and North East Essex Helpline on 0344 257 3961
  • find a walk-in clinic



Last Updated on 22 December 2022

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Suffolk and North East Essex COVID-19 Vaccination Service
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