International Verification Clinics

International verification clinics:

This service enables people to ‘verify’ certain C19 vaccines they may have had outside the UK, in order that the NHS can securely update their vaccination records to generate a COVID passport.

The bookable face-to-face clinic will be able to verify five Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)-approved vaccine types – Astra Zeneca (Vaxzevria), Pfizer (Comirnaty), Janssen and Moderna (Spikevax), Novavax (Nuvaxovid) Institute of India (Covishield), Bharat Biotech (Covaxin), SinoVac (CoronaVac) and Sinopharm BIBP (Beijing only, Wuhan not accepted). Face-to-face appointments are necessary to ensure evidence can be matched with a passport or UK Driving Licence and thus be properly validated. If staff cannot confirm your identity or your vaccination documentation, they will be unable to update your record.

Please be mindful of the following information:

  • Patients must be 16 years or over
  • Patients must attend in person (those aged between 16 and 17 years of age will not be required to have a parent, carer, or guardian attend the appointment with them)
  • Patients will need to bring a passport or UK Driving Licence as photographic ID
  • Patients must have an NHS number
  • Patients need to bring evidence of the vaccination to be recorded, such as a vaccination card or certificate (see below). This could include one or more of the following documents as vaccination evidence:
  • Vaccination card (typically issued when a dose is received)
  • Vaccination post-event email/notification that includes name and the vaccine type information
  • Vaccination certificate (electronic or paper). Vaccination records and certificates from any country can be accepted.  
  • The evidence needs to provide the following information:
  • Government or site name of where the certificate was issued
  • Name of individual who received the vaccination
  • Date of vaccination for each dose
  • Vaccine product name/brand
  • Number in a series of doses (i.e. 2/2 etc.)
  • Country in which vaccination took place

How to book an appointment:

  • For people registered with a GP practice in North East Essex please call 01702-372116 to book an appointment at one of two clinics being held in Clacton on February 23 (10am to 3pm) and Colchester on March 2 (10am – 3pm).

Last Updated on 21 February 2022

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