Please call us on our patient helpline - 0344 257 3961 – if you need help to book your vaccination appointment.

Transportation Support

People in Suffolk can take advantage of free bus and taxi rides to get to their vaccination appointment or to a drop-in clinic. Please clickΒ HERE for more details.

There is also provision in north east Essex – please click HERE for more details.

Patients that have no other means of transport may be eligible for Community Transport schemes. Community transport is the term given to passenger transport schemes that are outside the usual travel options. These schemes help people who are rurally isolated or not easily able to access conventional public transport or with restricted mobility.

Useful links for Community Transport:


Essex County Council: Community transport | Essex County Council (

Colchester: Community360 provides transport services in Colchester and surrounding areas: Community Transport – Community360

Tendring: Tendring Community Transport: Public and community transport | Tendring District Council (


Suffolk Connecting Communities:

There is guidance available to individuals who are offering lifts to friends and neighbours on how to do this safely. Please see below:


Last Updated on 22 December 2021

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