5 – 11 yr olds who are clinically at risk or household contacts of immunosuppressed people are now eligible for their Covid vaccination. More information available here.


Protect jobs and livelihoods

Book a booster 5-11 year olds who are or live with
a clinically vulnerable person
Attend a Walk-in Clinic If you live in Waveney, please click here


Test Kits

Information on the spring booster dose for eligible individuals.

Covid SPring Booster

Hear the stories of young people who have just received their second dose vaccination

Dr Richard West from Woolpit Health Centre provides reassurance that Pfizer and Moderna are both effective COVID-19 vaccinations

Trusted health care professionals Dr Richard West and midwife Romie Rice from ESNEFT offer advice and reassurance to pregnant women on taking up the offer of COVID-19 vaccination.

Information & Support

This website provides details for Suffolk and the Colchester and Tendring areas of Essex

SNEE NHS COVID-19 Vaccination Service
Suffolk and North East Essex COVID-19 Vaccination Service
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